6 Star Energy Rated System LG WH Model

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NEW WH Split Series – Dealer Flyer

The 2018 WH Series split-system air conditioner features new LG smart technology, First Ever 6 Star ENERGY RATED UNIT 2.5kw

The series includes features such as, Wi-Fi Control; Plasmaster Ionizer for enhanced indoor air quality and Activity Energy Control – all encapsulated in a sleek, modern design.

The LG SmartThinQ App provides air conditioner access and control via the smartphone even when users are not at home.

The Active Energy Control feature also allows consumers to cap the energy consumption of their air-conditioning unit, offering three levels of power reduction for individual energy-saving needs.

The WH Series air conditioning units operate with a Standby Mode option, minimising standby electricity consumption even when the unit is not in use, to cut electricity costs.

By removing power from the outdoor unit and powering the indoor unit customers are in charge of energy use.

For those families suffering from summer allergies, LG’s WH Series can help users breathe easier with the Plasmaster Ionier Plus and its Autocleaning features.

The Plasmaster Ioniser Plus works by infusing the air passing through the unit with over three million ions to reduce microscopic particles passing through.

This sterilises over 99 per cent of adhering bacteria and deodorises the air. With Plasmaster Autocleaning, the interior of the air conditioner is maintained by drying off the heat exchanger, then acts to sterilise the interior once more with Plasmaster ions to help minimise unwanted mould and odours.

LG’s WH Series has been designed to keep household air cleaner, whilst also keeping users cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

“The WH Series LG passionately believes in improving the day-to-day lives of Australians through its forward-thinking air conditioning technology,” Leigh said.

“With the WH Series being LG’s most innovative technology yet, customers have peace of mind when it comes to reliability, sustainability, and coming home to comfort.”

NEW WH Split Series – Dealer Flyer