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Panasonic nanoeX

Take a breath of fresh air with a Panasonic air conditioning 2 in 1 appliance. Not only does it cool and heat your home but it also cleans your indoor air. Thanks to unique nanoe™X technology, Panasonic air conditioners deodorise while inhibiting up to 99% of common viruses and bacteria*. Thereby improving the indoor air quality for maximum comfort at home.

nanoe™X works on two stages.

  1. Deodorises. – nanoe™X deodorises strong and unpleasant odours so you can enjoy a more pleasant, fresher space
  2. Actively Inhibits Bacteria & Viruses on Surfaces and in the Air. Unlike standalone air purifiers, Panasonic nanoe™X actively spreads ions through the air and onto surfaces. These ions reach deep into the fibres of clothing, sofas and carpet and inhibit up to 99% of airborne and adhered bacteria and viruses*

Not only does nanoe™X inhibit bacteria & viruses, it also inhibits other pollutants. These include mould, allergens, pollen and hazardous substances. Click the button below for technical information.

Why Panasonic for Air Conditioning?

  • Total air solutions. Since the sale of Panasonic’s first air conditioner in 1958, the brand has been committed to creating comfortable living and working environments
  • nanoeX air purification technology that helps fight pollution and allergens using special ionizer air purification technology. Applicable to select models.
  • Voice control on select Panasonic air conditioning system brings comfort and convenience together